Hunt for Food


After years of working on sites for other people, I decided to finally update my own site. I have included several of my interests, including my pets, motorcycles and a large Gallery. What you will not find here are pages dedicated to my family. Why?

I didn't create family pages because most of my family (including me!) hate having their pictures taken. Also, due to privacy concerns, I didn't want to put too much personal information on the web.

Why Hunt for Food?

I love to hunt. But, I will only harvest what my family will eat. Right now that is deer and turkey. I firmly believe in hunting for food instead of trophies. I prefer to hunt alone or only with one other person I trust. There are too many accidents that should never happen and I have no intentions of becoming a statistic.

Who am I?

Good question. I love motorcycles, spending time with my family and friends, hunting, my pets, and computers. I'm also currently a student at Liberty University Online. If you can figure out what that makes me, please let me know.

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